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55 years manufacturing furniture
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Furniture manufacturing

Elexalde is a leading company in manufacturing office furniture. We manufacture on demand with drawings supplied by our clients or with our own designs, always offering the best conditions in terms of price and quality.

The size of our facilities has allowed us to be specialized in large orders. Our pior proceedings are optimized with a view to saving time and costs. In order to meet the delivery deadlines, we manufacture, pack and have our own logistic department

Our company work all kinds of wood, as well as a wide range of finishes (varnishing, lacquering) that take disparate furniture, panellings, straight edge or round edge office dividers. The final product is delivered to our clients either dismantled or assembled. If necessary, our professionals are specialized in their assembly and installation.

Elexalde works for the leading companies of office furniture such as:

Elexalde ensures the use of high-quality materials. On this basis, we offer a wide range of materials, all kinds of woods and their derivatives:
  • Standard Chipboard
  • Waterproof Chipboard
  • Flame-resistant Chipboard
  • Oriented Strand Chipboard
MDF (DM) Boards
  • Standard MDF Boards
  • Flame-resistant MDF boards
  • Waterproof MDF Boards
Melamine Boards
  • Chipboard
  • MDF Board
Plywood Boards
  • Birch Plywood.
  • Poplar Plywood.
  • Flexible Plywood.
Solid Wood
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Iroco
  • Tali, etc.

  • Stratified
  • Honeycomb Panel
  • Compact

Wooden Veneer
  • Oak
  • Beech
  • Cherry
  • Walnut Tree
  • Rosewood
  • Wengue, etc.
Elexalde has cutting-edge infrastructure. Through our machinery and experience, we are able to produce all types of furniture. The main machinery that Elexalde uses is the following:
  Panel dividing.
  Roll forming .

 CNC Machining centre:
- 4 glued curve edged axis (BAZ)
- 3 and 4 axis CNC machines.
  Vanishing line .
  Drying cabins .
  Packaging machine .
Our Numerical control machine B.A.Z. has two mechanized-work tables that allow us to perform machining and edge banding processes of two different items at the same time, while saving time and improving quality.
This is accompanied by an area of benches for manual work and the completion of pieces.
Elexalde owns one of the most modern and complete automatic painting and varnishing lines in the market, it permits us to offer an exceptional quality and respond immediately to vast quantities of orders. Depending on the material, the following steps are taken in our finishing processes:

  1. Sanding of the workpieces.
  2. Priming and coating in our UV drying varnishing line.
  3. Repetition of step 2 if required.
  4. Fine sanding of the varnished coating.
  5. Completion using a Kremlin paint spray gun with a coloured and glossy finish, as specified by our clients.
  6. The variety and flexibility of our means let us get every finish requested by the client.

  • Acrylics:
    • Non-yellowing acrylic lacquer.
    • Nature acrylic 2% glossy finish.
    • Synthetics.
    • Water-based.
    • Polyurethane.
    • UV Finishes.

    • Water based natural stain.
    • Synthetic stain.

    • Acrylics.

    • Antigraffiti paint.
    • Heat-resistant paint.
    • Aluminium paint.
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